Our own self

The first thing  you  do every morning  after waking  up and (maybe after drinking  coffee ) you look into the mirror  , and what u see is ur own self …

But have u ever  thought  of  understanding  , ur own “emotions ” , ur own “feelings ” ..

Maybe yes or maybe no…..

The first  step for a positive  mind is to start giving  some  time to yourself  (the me time) for many people  (especially working or in college ) it might  be tough for taking out time from their busy schedule , but 5 min or 10 min meditation  or 5 mim to 10 min self motivational talk or doing  something  that makes u confident , will never disturb  your  routine. .

Always remember (especially for working people ) those who can be happy can make others happy  (e.i  family , boss , colleagues etc) 

Happiness never comes to you u have to find it …by positive guider ..

By positive guider (keep smiling )


3 thoughts on “Our own self

  1. Happiness never comes to you, you have to find it. A lovely sentiment. And definitely true in my opinion. Oh and I just thought I’d let you know that I came here from the Community Pool and as you may have noticed I’ve gone through many of your posts. I must say I quite like your blog! It’s very positive and uplifting xx

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