Hi , guys …….                                     I hope you all are having  an amazing day .. 

Today when I entered  my house after a long day , it was evening my house windows  were closed (as I am bit scared of the dust that I will have to clean later if I open them )  and across those close windows I was able to  see a very beautiful weather and at that moment I realised  that  sometimes  it’s good to let go of things that will happen later its important to focus  on enjoying things that are at present  available  to us …

Consider that your minds duty is to run itself every possible way and consider ur duty is  to make it focus at one place , so that you first enjoy the present  situation and then the latter . 

Just like when u buy a crystal showpiece u try to protect it otherwise it breaks similarly every moment in our lives is like crystal protect them don‘t break them (even the smallest  ) –  by positive guider

Thank u .. p.g