5 quotes to stay positive 

Hi guys , how are you all ? I hope fine , so let’s start with top 5 inspiring positive quotes… 1  so It depends  on you that u want to do a certain  thing today right now without thinking about the results or some day …… 2  I Am not perfect are u please tell […]

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The window shopping 

Hi , salut,  namasta, hola etc We all are from different places , different cultures, and different families but u know where we all connect that we all have dreams and we want them to covert into reality , before talking more about it I would like to share a excerpt from my life ………. […]

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Opening the windows 

Hi , guys …….                                     I hope you all are having  an amazing day ..  Today when I entered  my house after a long day , it was evening my house windows  were closed (as I am bit […]

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Our own self

The first thing  you  do every morning  after waking  up and (maybe after drinking  coffee ) you look into the mirror  , and what u see is ur own self … But have u ever  thought  of  understanding  , ur own “emotions ” , ur own “feelings ” .. Maybe yes or maybe no….. The […]

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